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Hedgehog Beauty Acupuncture® is a boutique cosmetic acupuncture practice based in KADOMORI. By making use of our expertise and specialized equipment, we are able to effectively stimulate our client’s lymphatic and circulatory system by using over 100 all made in Japan specialized needles. Our procedures are aimed at helping improve the elasticity of the face and stimulating the production of collagen, which results in giving our clients’ skin a beautiful and youthful glow.

The procedure may be slightly painful and may cause a small amount of bleeding/bruising at some insertion sites with poor blood or lymphatic circulation. Please do not worry; this will heal naturally within a week or two. (Results may vary.) To aid recovery, we recommend that our clients do a simple massage while taking a bath to aid in the recovery of their circulation.


Acupuncture with over 100
“made in Japan” specialized needles


Our professional acupuncturist inserts our specialized needles into specific areas of the face from different angles and at various depths. (There is a possibility of small bleeding and pain depends on the condition of your skin.)


Lift-up effect with electricity


Our cutting-edge pulsed electric machine stimulates the muscles eliminating stiffness and reducing wrinkles. Stimulating the acupuncture needles during this treatment with electricity has some of the following additional benefits; it quickens the production of new collagen, creates a “lift-up” and
pore-tightening effect, reduces swelling around the face, recovers asthenopia, improves skin quality and tone, and more. (We use a very safe and trusted facial electric device.)


This is a special menu made exclusively for each patient. By combining our original and latest facial therapy machine, the “Synchrowave,” and KADOMORI’s authentic Hedgehog Beauty Acupuncture® technique, a better and more satisfying result can be expected, such as a slimmer and properly balanced face and improvement in the overall facial structure.


This is a unique facial treatment that combines KADOMORI’s original and universal aesthetic machine “SYNCHROWAVE®,” which can adjust the bioelectric current of the body, and our radio frequency (RF) that is also used in high-frequency therapy. Our lymph massage helps reduce excess fat and relax the tension on masticatory muscles, improving the overall facial structure. It is possible to treat imperfections such as wrinkles in the face, neck, and décolleté. This treatment yields immediate results as it makes direct approaches to eliminate unwanted byproducts - such as fat and excess body-waste - from the body. (Results may vary.)
Fatigue-recovering effects can be expected as this massage can also loosen the fascia. Maintaining the ideal and properly balanced face can be obtained by undergoing this treatment several times. We also offer effective dietary instructions, advice on self-care, and exercises.


We not only provide an effective massage to relieve muscle stiffness, but also take a holistic approach to muscles and joints that have limited movement. This unique approach enables us to return each part to its “zero position” or its original and natural place.
In addition to improving our client’s condition by improving their posture, we also offer advice on self-care and exercises. We aim to provide treatment that will help maintain the natural state of one’s posture.




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